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FootGolf at Marland Golf Course

Marland Golf Course is pleased to offer the opportunity to play FootGolf – a great activity for those looking for competitive fun with a twist.

What is FootGolf?

"When I first set up FootGolf, I knew a lot of people would want to play the sport, and I knew I wouldn't be alone in liking the idea of playing football on a golf course…"

Mike O'Connor, president of the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG).

Officially introduced to the sporting world in 2008, FootGolf is the perfect solution for those who enjoy playing both golf and football, but love the idea of combining the two into something new and exciting.

With 10,000 active players nationwide, and a fan-base steadily growing in popularity, why not join in and see what all the fuss is about?

How does it work?

Similar to traditional golf, FootGolf revolves around getting a ball into a hole in as few moves as possible…only the ball is a size-five football, and the golf club is your own leg.

Similar to traditional football, FootGolf requires skill and accuracy to ensure you remain on target – but without the exhaustion from running up and down a pitch for 90 minutes.

Those who are looking for a fun day out with no time constraints can enjoy the best of both worlds, without having to spend years mastering the necessary skills to play each sport individually.

So who can play it?

Anyone. From kids and teens, to adults and seniors – the nature of FootGolf as a competitive sport means that there are no strict physical requirements, special equipment or handicaps necessary.

With up to four players per tee-off, whether you’re looking for an exciting family day out, a group party booking between separate teams, or simply fun with a friend – no matter what your age, size, or background – FootGolf allows for a level playing field where everyone can have a fantastic day.

Call us on 01706 649801 to book your slot now!

When can I play?

FootGolf at Marland Golf Course is available every week on Sundays from 1pm until dusk.

If you’re hoping to book for another day, please call us on 01706 649801 to ask.

How much does it cost?

For each round of 9 holes of FootGolf, the following charges apply:

Adults: £6, Concessions: £5, Children under 16*: £4, Link4Life gym members / Marland Golf Season ticket holders: £3

Each round of FootGolf will require a £5 refundable deposit for a football.

*Under-14s must be accompanied by an adult (adult doesn’t have to take part).

Do I need any special equipment?

The only requirement to play FootGolf is to ensure that you wear a pair of trainers or sneakers, or Astro Turf footwear to avoid damaging the course

Call us on 01706 649801 to book your slot now!


Contact Information

Telephone: 01706 649801

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