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19 November 2016 – 4 March 2017.

Gallery One.

Often site responsive, Louise Giovanelli’s practice embodies an affection for aspects of older paintings seen during museum visits.

The starting point for many of her own paintings is a pre-existing historical feature or detail, an interesting element or peculiarity of these older works, which becomes the catalyst for re-appraisal. There is a sense of re-focusing and of re-framing with her painting functioning like a camera, drawing attention to details that would otherwise be left overlooked, unexplored, or dismissed.

After researching the permanent fine art collection here at Touchstones Rochdale, Giovanelli has produced a series of new paintings that re-imagine and re-configure existing works within it, casting them in a different light and suggesting new narratives.

Image: Louise Giovanelli, 'The Beard III', 2016: Courtesy the artist & The International 3.