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The History of Rochdale by Henry Fishwick, F.S.A. although published in 1889 is still regarded as one of the definitive texts on the history of the Rochdale Area. Henry Fishwick was a prolific author on Lancashire history as well as being an Alderman and Mayor of Rochdale Corporation.

Chapter I General History - Pages 1-64

Chapter II Township History Castleton - Pages 65-74

Chapter III Township History Spotland - Pages 75-93

Chapter IV Township History Hundersfield - Pages 94-112

Chapter V Township History Butterworth - Pages 113-126

Chapter VI Ecclesiastical History The Parish Church - Pages 127-163

Chapter VII Ecclesiastical History Whitworth Church - Pages 164-176

Chapter VIII Ecclesiastical History Todmorden Church - Pages 177-188

Chapter IX Ecclesiastical History Littleborough Church - Pages 189-201

Chapter X Ecclesiastical History Milnrow Chaple - Pages 202-215

Chapter XI Ecclesiastical History 18th & 19th Centuries - Pages 216-222

Chapter XII The Vicars of Rochdale - Pages 223-249

Chapter XIII Nonconformity in Rochdale - Pages 250-269

Chapter XIV The Grammar School and Public Charities - Pages 270-285

Chapter XV Manor Court Records - Pages 286-303

Chapter XVI Old Houses and Old Families Castleton - Pages 304-336

Chapter XVII Old Houses and Old Families Butterworth - Pages 337-389

Chapter XVIII Old Houses and Old Families Hundersfield - Pages 390-480

Chapter XIX Old Houses and Old Families Spotland - Pages 481-528

Chapter XX Miscellany - Pages 529-540

Appendix The Protestation of 1642 in Rochdale - Pages 541-552

Index of Surnames of those who signed The Protestation - Pages 553-566

General Index - Pages 555-566

Index of Names - Pages 567-588