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From school swimming lessons and PE & School Sport through to creative learning at Touchstones and school days with a difference at Hollingworth Lake, there are a variety of ways
for children to engage in a range of high quality activities and develop their learning through Link4Life.  Further, with a range of after school and school holiday activities, we aim to help children and young people stay active outside of school.


Our programmes are focused on ensuring learning objectives are met with successful outcomes for learners at the end of each session. Through engaging in our offer, we want all of our learners to acquire the following:


  • Understand how the activity relates to specific topic areas
  • Gain knowledge that may lead, or does lead, to future qualifications and courses 
  • Develop learning through various activities


  • Develop teamwork
  • Improve communication
  • Develop performance and ability
  • Learn new physical and outdoor activities
  • Use creative techniques

Positive Attitudes

  • Build confidence
  • Adapt an importance of fitness
  • Develop a taste for outdoor activities

The Borough's collections and exhibitions have inspired the educational workshops and resources on offer from the Link4Life Arts & Heritage Service. Developed in partnership with our team of expert facilitators, staff and partner organisations including local schools, discover for yourself the exciting range of cultural learning opportunities available to support the delivery of the curriculum.

Our offer of both land and water based activities at Hollingworth Lake is designed to enhance the students learning experience and personal development.  
Learning need not take place solely within educational buildings. The outdoor environment has a massive potential for learning. We are extremely fortunate to have such rich urban and rural environments on our doorstep and our children and young people’s learning experiences can be enhanced by maximising the potential of the outdoors. We are keen to see all our children and young people having positive learning experiences in a variety of settings.


We continue to drive up standards to offer you an enjoyable and rewarding value-for-money education service to complement your teaching. Together we will help you provide your pupils with a fun education programme that will reward them with the knowledge and skills from which they will draw tremendous inspiration and benefit in their classroom studies and for the rest of their life too.

Click here to view our Education Guide giving full details of all activities available throughout the borough from Link4Life

For more information about the Link4Life education offer, please contact 01706 924840